गहना वशिष्ठ


I’m often asked about the difference between “seeing” vs. “knowing.

This is certainly a good question, but I could go on. It’s true that one’s perception of time is a good thing, but the reality of it is often the opposite. The reality of time is always subjective and we don’t really know how it’s supposed to be.

Although we can often tell time with our eyes, the same is not true with our brains. We can only see in our own minds how long we’ve been awake and how long we’ve been asleep. Its also true that our perceptions of time are not the same as those of others. So in the same way that you can never truly be sure if a person is really asleep, you can never really be sure if someone is really asleep.

The same can be said about time. Time is subjective and, in fact, our perceptions of time are not always accurate either. Our bodies react to light as if it’s a clock. We can tell the time by the amount of light we see. But when we see a clock, we see the amount of seconds left in it. And we can’t tell the time, we just know how much seconds are left.

For example, if you were in the bathroom and you saw a clock, you would know that its a minute to five. But, when you see a candle, you do not know the time. Similarly, when we see the clock in the bathroom, we think its one to five. But, when we see the candle, we know it’s one to four.

This is what it means to be in the world. We are aware of time, but we have no way of knowing how much time is left. It is only when we are aware of time that we are able to use it to our advantage. For example, if we were in the bathroom and we saw a clock, we would know that its one to five. But, when we see a candle, we know its one to four.

Another thing that happens when we see the clock is that it is no longer a clock. It is now a tool we use in our daily life. We don’t really know what time it is, but we know that it can still be used to our advantage.

It would be a shame if it didn’t happen. The world is filled with people who had no idea what to do. They just went around to the next place and did it. It could be the same person whose birthday is tomorrow. What we have not learned about time is that it is a tool of communication. The only way to help people is to have them talk about their own lives.

This reminds me of a quote by the late English writer Harold Wilson. He said, “If we know our time, we can do anything we want.” The more we know our time, the more we can do anything. This is the power of self-awareness. Our time is our power. We can choose to do any amount of things at any time.

It is the power of self-awareness that lets us learn to control our own time. This is also why our bodies have a clock in them, they can tell us when to eat, when to sleep, and when to go to sleep. The fact that our time on Earth can be controlled is a result of self-awareness being used to control our own time.



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