How Did We Get Here? The History of 135 19 Told Through Tweets


The 135 19 is a 3-panel poster that is sold by the artist M. T. Cushman, a former art teacher with a background in graphic design. The 135 19 is one of several pieces Cushman has created that has been called “the answer to every question” and is a testament to the fact that there is a lot of art out there and that there is still a lot of creative thinking happening.

Cushman says that his goal in creating the 135 19 is to “show the world a picture of the American flag, as many of you know it. But this is really a picture of the American flag as it is on the moon” He goes on to say, “I like to say, ‘The American flag should have been here a long time ago,’ but I don’t know, it looks really good on the moon.

Yes, he’s right. The moon has been our home since the beginning of time. We have many pictures of it, but as Cushman says “they were taken in a way that we couldnt have any of the other pictures, they were all taken in a way that we couldnt have any of the other pictures, and they were all taken in a way that we just didnt understand.” That is, they were all taken in such a way that they weren’t real.

I’m glad it’s finally here. Flags are a very important part of the American national identity, as they symbolize our country, and also of course as the oldest form of national identity. I think if we got rid of all our flags, we would have a much better idea what we are and where we came from.

We have to do this.

I think that many people have a great deal of difficulty understanding the difference between the flag of the United States (the one that we all flew in the first place) and the flag of the United States of America (the one that is on every American’s flag, but which is most often confused with the older flag of the Confederacy). They are both the American flag but are different.

In the case of the Confederacy, the older flag was that of the American Revolutionary War, which was an effort to remove from the United States the old, racist, un-American ideals of the British Empire. With the American Revolution, a number of Americans felt that these ideals were being squashed by Britain, so they fought to remove all the symbols of the British Empire from the country.

The reason why you might want to do this is to show off your new computer, computer-like skills, and how you can build a computer-like computer-like home. The only problem is that if you’re a computer, you’re not really learning about the world of computer-like computers. You’re not getting a computer-like job.



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