bigg boss priyanka


My cousin, Priyanka Kaur, is a big boss, but she’s a big boss with a big big mouth. She is one of those people that you see in magazines or on TV, and that people are so scared of them that they don’t want to even speak to them. She is a massive boss that people are afraid of, and she wears that fear on her sleeve.

We know it’s a big deal. The people that we meet in the world are the people who say, “I hate you, Mr. Rat,” and “I don’t hate you.” The people that we meet are the people who have heard and lived with you. It’s all in their heads. My mother is a big boss with a big big mouth. She doesn’t really care what you are saying.

We also know that the people who are afraid of the large boss, are also the people that fear the world outside of our small-town. Sure, they might have a lot of money, can move their cars faster than any other car, eat all the good stuff, and kill each other, but there is something that they dont have. They dont have the power. They dont have the authority. They dont have the money.

The other big boss, Bigg Boss Priyanka, has a similar attitude towards people. She is the ultimate authority figure in her own right, with her own army of henchmen and a massive amount of power. When I was growing up my family thought that I was really big, but I think its a bit of a misconception now. The real big boss that my family thinks of is my dad.

The main reason for your attitude towards this is that it forces you to keep it from being a part of your life. You can’t keep your head down and make sure you don’t get too much attention. The main reason you can’t have any sort of control over your life, even if it means you have to deal with your life. You can’t have control over how things get done, but you can control everything.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking what if my dad is a real big boss. I am going to tell you the truth. My dad is not a real big boss. He is a big man, but he is nothing like my dad. My dad is a huge human being. My dad is strong, but he is not the same man that you are thinking about.

My dad is a big man, with some big ideas, and a strong sense of self. My dad is extremely strong but he has his flaws, like he has his flaws as a human being. His biggest flaw is that he doesnt have a strong sense of self, like I have. My dad is not a big man, he is just a strong man, but he is a man with flaws, like I have.

The man I used to think of as my dad is not my dad anymore, but he is still my dad. My dad is still a big man, he is still strong, but he has given up his strong sense of self. My dad is still a big man, with some big ideas, but he is no longer as strong as he once was. Still, there are ways for a man to become more powerful and stronger than ever before.

Even if the game is just going to be a little bit harder, the developers will still have a lot of power to them. The boss is not a great boss, but he is still a big man with a lot of powers.

My dad, he hasn’t been a big man since my mom died. It’s not the same as being a strong man, but it is a lot. He has been through a lot in his life and he has become a lot more powerful than ever before. But what he did with all that power is no longer working.



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