I have been called many ways, but the most common is the “case of the cashews.” It is a phrase I was first exposed to when a friend of mine was going to his cousin’s wedding in the late 90s. The hostess told them they needed to bring some cashews to the party.

Not sure how that phrase came about, but when I was a kid, my aunt made me throw cashews in my mouth. I had no idea what was going on. As a result of this experience, I always had a habit of throwing cashews in my mouth.

I have also been called a casadist. It is a phrase that I am constantly being called by. I know what it means, but how could it be that I have so many casadists? I can’t even count them. It is my own word for it. The term refers to my tendency to use cashews as a substitute for cashews. It is an act of extreme laziness.

My aunt did this because she’s a casadist. You can’t have a child without having the desire to be a casadist. It’s a part of the job description. To be a casadist, you have to have a love for cashews. The majority of casadists are casadistines.

At least one person who is a casadist is called a casadistine.

I have some strong opinions on the subject, but I am not so sure about all of them. What happens is that the majority of casadists are people who are not. I have a friend who is a casadist and has an obsession with his sister’s house. I don’t think he will be a casadist. It is up to them to decide how to go about treating the house. There is no point in letting them go. The house is not their home.

I am convinced that casadists should be treated seriously. I am also convinced that there are some people for whom it is not worth the risk, and that’s okay. That’s their business. It’s what I think is right. I have seen this happen many times in my life. I know what I am talking about.

People who are casadists tend to be highly intelligent, and more or less psychopathic. They tend to have a morbid fear of death. I don’t have that issue. I think I see that fear of death in my husband, but its not something that I have the ability or the right to change. Its what I think I have right now.

For years I said that I didn’t see it. I just assumed that I was a casadist. After all, I was in a relationship with a casadist. I thought that was a little strange and that he was just pretending to be nice because he was too afraid to actually be nice. But after seeing the videos, I have learned a lot more about what casadists really are.

There is nothing inherently scary about suffering. There is not a single thing that makes you more likely to die. As you grow and age, your body has many ways to compensate for the changes that take place. This is why we say that life insurance is a form of “financial surrender.



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