change name in birth certificate


I know, I know. This has been my favorite topic on this blog for quite a while now, but it still holds value. My birth certificate changed my name and I’m pretty sure I haven’t looked at it since. I always look at the old birth certificate, but I haven’t taken it with me to many of my events.

I’m not sure if this is still happening or not, but last year I started getting a lot of “new name” letters in my mail. I assumed that the letters were from some government agency, but they weren’t. They were from the Social Security Administration.

No, I did nothing wrong. I don’t even think I checked it. I’m just doing that.

Change of name is one of the most common things that happens to people, especially when they go through changing their names in a foreign country. But I’ve come to realize it’s not just that. It’s more like the government takes your birth certificate and changes the name on it. In my case the Social Security Administration took my birth certificate and changed my name. Apparently I was born in Chicago, but the government thought that I was born in the Middle East.

So my name is actually Sarah Brown, but thats not relevant. The Social Security Administration just decided that I was born in Chicago and that I should change it to Pennsylvania.

So who cares. Its more like the government is using your birth certificate to change your name.

We can’t really blame them. Its not as if the government has any particular policy on birth names. Most Americans simply aren’t born with the name they’re given. The government wants people to use their birth certificate as a way to change their name. The Social Security Administration is just one more agency trying to do this, and one more agency that is just taking advantage of the fact that we’re all more or less forced to use our birth certificates as the basis for our identities.

But the government isnt just taking advantage of this. Theyre also doing it secretly. In a nutshell, theyre allowing you to change your name by changing it on the back of your birth certificate. It sounds like a cool idea, but in reality it is far from it. The Social Security Administration has been doing this since 2001 and is still allowed by the government to do so (so long as it is done without the knowledge of the Secretary of Homeland Security).

The Social Security Administration is only allowed to do this if it has data the Secretary of Homeland Security wants them to analyze. In fact, most of the social security data that the Secretary of Homeland Security has used is used to get a good idea of how the Social Security Administration works. However, many of the Social Security Administration’s data is from the Department of Labor, and it may be used to get a good idea of how the Social Security Administration works.

It’s a really sad day for Americans who have children in the military, since no one can be certain what they are going to become. Not only are they unable to be certain of their future, but they’re going to become something they may not even be able to comprehend. These kids are not going to be soldiers. They’re going to be something else entirely.



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