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I have been known to eat dosa, a traditional Indian meal with a large, flat, round flatbread that is made of rice, lentils, pulses, and milk with a few vegetables and spices.

If you’re eating dosa, you’re probably a vegetarian. It’s what most people eat at home anyway.

Dosa is actually a very versatile meal, as it can be a snack, a dessert, a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner, or a snack, depending on what you’re serving it with. I think I made a pretty good career of it before I became vegan.

I also love dosa. I think the main thing that has changed about my diet is that I don’t eat any meat or fish. I used to eat chicken and other kinds of poultry pretty regularly, but since I no longer eat poultry (or whatever it is), I have been eating dosa almost exclusively. I think it’s also just a cool way to wear the dosa.

Dosa, also known as “the South Indian pancake,” is a traditional pancake that originated in southern India. It is a very sweet pancake that has a thin layer of soft rice flour on top. It is then topped with a layer of grated coconut, a layer of oil, and finally, a layer of fried butter or ghee.

The idea of eating dosa for breakfast or lunch is pretty common. Its origins in India as a kind of breakfast item is pretty interesting. In the days before refrigerators, people had to make the most of very hot days to find a breakfast. This was especially true of the dosa, which is popular throughout India. Dosa was originally made from dried rice, but soon it was mixed with oil and coconut flakes, and it was this mixture that became the dosa.

Dried rice is still a common breakfast item around the world, but fried rice is something that is becoming more popular as well. Dried rice has been around for ages, but it didn’t take off until the early 20th century. Today, it is the second most common breakfast item in the U.S. and Canada, after scrambled eggs.

Dried rice, though not a common breakfast item, is one of only three breakfast items in the United States. The other two are scrambled eggs and pancakes, and it is widely believed that the third, rice, was invented by a man who was attempting to feed his children rice for breakfast.

dosa is one of those dishes that is actually very good for you. It is healthy, high in fiber, and packed with protein. If you are a regular, then it is an easy breakfast that you will enjoy. If you are not, then it is one of those dishes that you will have to try once in a while just to get the taste out of your mouth. This is because dosa is made from a type of rice called a jaggery (a.k.

This is a type of rice that is grown using a process called “wet-cooking”. Traditionally, rice is cooked on a pan over a hot flame in an oven. This is very labor-intensive and results in a thick, dark, glutinous substance. However, if a person cooks rice with a food grinder in a bowl, then it is possible to make a dosa out of it.



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