happy birthday shoe lover


I first met my friend, Liza, at a wedding. I was wearing the new pair of shoes she bought me. I was a little hesitant, but Liza was so nice to me and gave me a nice discount. I loved that she bought me the new shoes so I could wear them for one more birthday.

I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Happy birthday to me and my new pair of shoes and here’s a little video of me wearing them.

I’m in the process of re-reading the first trailer. I can’t wait to get the first trailer.

I just met a girl who is making a new pair of shoes for her wedding. I was the one in the video who took them off. She was wearing the new pair of shoes before but I was wearing the shoes for the wedding. After a few months of wearing the shoes for the wedding, I finally got an email from her that said she loved her new pair of shoes.

In the video, I’m wearing my new pair of shoes. I had to wear them for a wedding that was three months ago. I’m wearing them for my wedding this time. Which is exactly what I intended.

I wish I had that video ready to share with you. I wish it was just a few seconds of footage where I show how well the shoes fit, how much they really grip my foot, how comfortable they are. I wish I could remember exactly what I said in the video. I want to know if I said anything about the shoes that I didn’t mean. I want to know what she thought of them.

The video was taken from a full-body view, which may have made it difficult for you to see much of the shoe’s face. I’ll leave that part up to you. The point though, is that the shoe feels great on my foot. The heels are just right and the arch is comfortable. To the left, the sole feels firm and the arch is right. To the right, the sole feels firm and the arch is good.

I am so glad I wore shoes. I have a pair of shoes that absolutely get the job done. Shoes, shoes, shoes.



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