10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need how do you say hot dogs in spanish


The word ‘hot dogs’ is the Spanish word ‘barbecues’ (pronounced ‘barr-kuh-says’). The word ‘hot’ is derived from the Latin word ‘hottah’ which is the French form of the verb ‘to burn’.

This sounds very much like the way we say hot in English, but you don’t have to look at our vocabulary to know the difference. In Spanish, the word hot is basically the word for pizza.

The way we say hot pies is in a different way. In English we say, “I’ve got a new hot pie” or “I’ve got a hot pie” or “I’ve just finished making a hot pie.” In Spanish we say, “I’ve got a barbeco” or “I’ve got a barbecue” or “I’m having a barbeco.” I know I’m missing a few of the words here, but I think you get the idea.

Okay, that’s a very common way to say “fire” in Spanish. The difference is that in English, it’s a verb, and in Spanish it’s a noun. The word “barbecue” is a verb in English too, but that’s because it’s a noun. Same for “fire” and “pie”. In Spanish, you can use the same word to mean “hot” and “pie” but it’ll be a noun, not a verb.

Some of the words we use in Spanish are more common than others. Like barbecue and barbecue sauce, these are both nouns. In other words, if you want to say, “I’m having a bbq”, you can use the word BBQ instead of BBQ sauce. So itll be BBQ for barbecue and BBQ sauce for barbecue sauce.

I always think of these as nouns because theyre the ones we use the most. Itll be BBQ for barbecue and BBQ sauce for barbecue sauce.

The word BBQ is still a noun in Spanish, but itll be something else in the future. We’ll use BBQ sauce for BBQ sauce in the future.

The word BBQ became a noun because it was the one word that everyone used on the island. But you can use BBQ sauce for BBQ sauce in the future if you want. Now that we’ve covered the most common nouns, lets discuss the rest of the Spanish words.

This section explains how the Spanish words you use for the most common nouns in English work in Spanish.



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