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I think it may be important to note that the official languages of the various countries in which the United States has been and is being held in such a way that we should really be talking about the official languages of the countries we’re being held in for the duration of our incarceration. The official languages of the various countries we are being held in are Arabic, Farsi, and French.

This is the first time we’ve heard about these languages, but we can’t say they aren’t very interesting. In addition to being used to talk to people, the official languages provide information about the general mood of the country, such as the weather. In some ways, the official languages may be the most important thing to know about a country, because if you don’t know what to do in a given situation, you are going to get caught in it.

You can find out a lot about a country by looking at the official languages. There are also a lot of interesting facts about each country on the official website. For example, we were surprised to learn that the official language of the country is not Urdu, but a dialect of Farsi. It’s the second most spoken language in Iran, next to Pashto. The official languages are not the only ones that you will find.

The official languages of the countries in the Middle East are not Arabic, but Farsi, Persian, Ottoman Turkish, Ottoman Armenian, Turkish, and some others.

The official languages of the Middle East are not Arabic, but Farsi.

When you look up the language in the official website, you will notice several different options. The one you are looking for is Farsi. This is a language that is spoken all over the world. It is spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. In addition to the official languages, there are a lot of unofficial languages that are still used. There are also dialects of the languages, and even a few others that you can’t even find in the official list.

For those that are interested, the official list has more than 300 languages for which the number of speakers is known. The unofficial list has more than 100 languages that are not part of the official list. There are also numerous dialects, languages, and even a few that you cant even find on the official list. Our team is constantly looking for new languages to add to the unofficial list.

We are working on adding new words and phrases to the unofficial list. For example, we have the phrase “al-hamdu lillah” meaning “we are very happy.” and “al-hamdu lillah” means “if you’re happy, you’ll be happy.

The unofficial list is a more accurate representation of the official list. We have the al-hamdu lillah list and al-hamdu lillah means if youre happy, you’ll be happy.

the unofficial list is also a more accurate representation of the official list because most of the words are just made up words. For example, we have al-haqr which means apple but doesn’t mean apple. It’s actually a made up word. We have al-hayy (which means apple), but we never said apple.



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