israel elections exit polls


The latest exit polls from Israel’s March 9 elections are in. The results show that the Likud-Beilin coalition currently controls the Prime Minister’s office. The results also show that Netanyahu’s Likud-Beilin coalition still has a lot of work to do but that is still a good thing.

I’ve had a lot of debate about whether or not the results were a legitimate reflection of what voters really thought. I think they were good, but not that great. Netanyahus has been saying for years that the results are being manipulated by international media and parties and that he’s not going to be able to form a coalition with either party, so maybe the exit polls were based on actual voters who actually took part in the elections.

Well, I still think it is a good time to get out and vote for the people who are going to be running in the elections. After all, this is a major milestone in the country’s history, and you have to be sure that you are going to turn out in your best moments.

The election results show that there is a very large majority of the people who have been elected to the governorship of the country’s national party, the country’s national right-wing party. This is the first time we’ve been able to create a coalition with the right-wing parties and voices, and it’s good to know that the people who are in power are also going to be going to the elections.

The right-wing parties are the main opposition parties to the government and its policies, and they have already been given their say in the election and are working hard to get their voices heard. This is a good thing, but the fact is that the left-wing parties are also working hard to get their voice heard. The left-wing parties are the ones who put the economy and the government in the hands of the people and want to continue to do so.

The two biggest left-wing parties in Israel are Yes and Ha’Tzahal. They are the government’s main opposition parties in the Knesset (the Israeli parliament). The Knesset elections are scheduled for July and August. They are expected to be a tight race, with both parties likely to win.

However HaTzahal doesn’t want to be left to get their own way. They want to get their vote out in greater numbers so they can continue on their way to becoming the largest left-wing party in Israel. There are rumors that they will get their first ever seat in the Israeli Knesset by winning a seat in the primaries. The Israeli government is already working to get a few of the most prominent left-wing members elected to the Knesset.

As we saw during the elections in 2006, the right-wing parties have been winning seats in the Knesset. The left-wing parties have a few seats in the Knesset, but are unlikely to win any more. So they are still very likely to be left behind. The reason HaTzahal are so concerned about this election is because they want to be able to form a left-wing government, but they dont want to give the government any power.

They have a good point. But they also have a good point. The current Knesset is extremely right-wing, and HaTzahal are right-wing voters. The current prime minister is the right-wing head of the Kahal Kadoshim party, and HaTzahal are very much a right-wing party. They are also very much right-wing voters, and want to keep these right-wing parties out of power.

If they want to form a left-wing government, they need to get rid of all the right-wing parties, and create a left-wing government that is less right-wing. It’s not much of an argument. If they want to be in power, they have to get rid of the right-wing parties to get there.



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