its a boy candy


This candy is my favorite part of the house. I like to hold it in my mouth because it makes me hungry, moist, and sooo good.

That’s because I get to eat it at the same time as I read.

When I was a kid I would take my little plastic toy out of its box and hold it in my mouth. I would go to the library and read a book, or at the very least I would just read it out loud. My parents couldn’t stand it and would always tell me that I should eat my candy, but I always thought it was sort of funny that people got so worked up about it.

That’s because I was a boy.

Boy food is a staple in my family. When I was a kid, I loved to eat my candy before I went to bed, and I would sit down after I was done reading and eat my candy while I watched television (or watched TV while eating). One of my favorite childhood movies was “The Breakfast Club”, and it featured the titular character eating his breakfast at school.

It’s a little weird thinking of yourself as a kid and thinking about food, but here goes. I was a kid who was always eating my candy before bed. I love my candy for breakfast. I would always eat my candy after I was done reading. I would sit down after I finished watching television or finished watching TV while eating. I would eat my candy while watching TV or eating while watching TV. I don’t know if you like my candy, but I do like my candy.

There are many different kinds of candy. Some of them are the same, some are new and different, and some are completely different. My favorite kind of candy is the ones I eat in my room at night. For example, I have a bag of candy that I put on a piece of paper and then put in my pocket. When I go to bed I would put my candy in my bed and then eat it.

I am a fan of the old-school, hard candy, and I am a fan of candied apples and candied eggs. I also enjoy the new-school, soft candy, and I am a fan of candied strawberries and candied apples. But my favorite candy is the one I put in my bag and eat at night. The one candied apples. I put my candy in my bag and then eat it.

Candied apples are definitely my favorite candied fruit, but I also like candied eggs. I put my candy in my bag and then eat it. I think it is this candy that is the best-suited to the candy/sad holiday season.



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