kolaveri di meaning


kolaveri is the Italian for “veins,” which in turn are a type of grape. kolaveri (and their Italian-sounding counterpart, the kola) were the primary grape exported from Tuscany in the 16th century, and the Italian word for “kola” is also the word for “vein.

This phrase is probably one of those that sounds like it’s a bit strange, but in fact it’s pretty innocuous. It’s a phrase that just means “a grape vine with a very long and fairly thin stem.” It comes from the Italian word kola, which is also the word for vein.

So if you’re having a grapevines that’s very long and thin, you are probably eating grapevines, right? The word kolaveri is the word for grape, and the phrase kolaveri di meaning veins, refers to the fact that a grape vine with a long, slender stem has a lot of veins.

Its a neat little trick, though, and if youre picturing it, its actually pretty easy to figure out. All you have to do is look at the long, slender vines that make up most of the red and white grapevines. Most of these are actually just small clusters of grapes that are covered in an edible substance called a “vigna” or “carica,” the Italian word for “vein.” The Italian word for grapevine is “vigna.

The word kolaveri can mean both “vein of grapes” and “long, straight vein.” In any case, there are a lot of vines that look like grapes, particularly in the Italian region of Tuscany.

The name kolaveri comes from a type of grape which is called a kola (a kind of grape) and the Italian word for grape is vigna. The word also comes from the Italian word “kola” which means the grape. Apparently the Italians believe that you have to be a big fan of Italian wines to want to try these grapes.

Apparently a bunch of Italian wine lovers are going to try these grapes! I think it’s a good idea, especially if you’re planning a trip to Italy. The Italians like to drink wine, so they have lots of great bottles to look at when they’re planning a great meal. I love wine (as well as everything else) so I’d be interested to hear what the Italians think of these grapes when they taste them.

We do have some other Italian-related news to share. We are now officially on board with the U.S. government’s plan to create a “Kolaveri” or “Kolaveri di meaning,” or “Kolaveri of meaning.” The Italians are very eager to have a place where everyone can see their wine-related meaning. We hope to be one of the first websites to be able to show the meaning of these grapes on our website.

The Italians appreciate the importance of their Kolaveri di meaning. Their wine is very important to them, and they want to make sure that everyone can experience it. Although the Kolaveri di meaning is not a legal status, it is accepted by the Italian Government, so the Italians are very excited to have a place to show their wine. We are working on a new website to help promote this.

Kolaveri di meaning is something that most Italians will be happy to take a look at. They have a special place in their homes. They make special gifts for family and friends. They have special places where you can see them. The Italians are very proud of the importance of their Kolaveri di meaning and want to show them off.



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