I have always been fascinated with how legender is a legender. It’s a name that sounds like it was invented by a woman, but it’s not. It’s from the French verb “legere” that means to take something and turn it in to three parts. The three parts of legender are the body, the head, and the tail.

The fact that it was originally named legender is in itself an example of how legender sounds like it was invented by a woman. It’s also a term that makes me think of a lot of things: a dog, a cat, a catnip cat. But it’s also kind of like the French word for legender, legere, which means to take something and turn it in to three parts.

It’s also an example of the verb gendarmerie, which means to arrest someone. Gendarmerie is the French word for police, and is the police force that was formed in the 19th century. They were originally created to patrol Paris before becoming part of the French army.

Gendarmerie was one of the things that we were able to develop on our own. It was originally created to patrol Paris when Napoleon decided to turn the entire empire over to his son, who would then begin ruling over all of France. In that sense, it was a police force. But it was also created as a tool for the police.

The gendarmerie is now part of the French army, and is thus also the police force. While it’s still a police force, it’s not part of the army. It’s a small force that’s focused on law and order. But it is the force that carries out police operations. It’s essentially a mobile police force.

There you have it. If you’re an aspiring police officer, you don’t want to be anywhere near the gendarmerie. But in today’s world it’s a force worth having. If you live in Paris, you know that the gendarmerie are everywhere. If you don’t know, you will. While an excellent police force, the gendarmerie is also a force for good. You want to be a part of that good work.

Legender was developed by the French National Police, using a number of police officers from the various departments of the French National Police. It was developed to help combat the rise of criminal organizations that use violence to make money and are often involved in drug trafficking and prostitution. There’s no official word on how exactly the game will affect your neighborhood, but it certainly won’t be peaceful.

The game is also described as being “very violent” and “very violent” because of its use of the phrase “very violent” throughout the game. The developers say that the game takes place in France (which is a French word for “city”), but the game takes place in a real-time version of Paris.

So far, so good, but the game has not been very violent. Its description of violence on the website is “a game about fighting in a city.” So unless this is a game about fighting in a real-time version of Paris, I don’t see what the big deal is.

The big deal is that your character, the game’s main character, is not violent. This is because your character is a pacifist. The pacifist is a person who is unwilling to harm other people and is willing to let others harm themselves. They’re not violent because they don’t want to hurt other people. The word “violence” is used because you can use violence to achieve your goals. In this case, the game is trying to achieve a goal of killing all the Visionaries.



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