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We always tell ourselves, “I’m going to finish my homework,” or “I’m going to take care of my cat,” or “I’m going to shower.

What we don’t tell ourselves is that we will end up doing all of these things with every single step we take. For instance, taking care of my cat is going to require me to clean out my garage, feed her, and then take her to the vet, which is a bit extreme if you ask me. And that’s the nature of the human brain, to want to take care of something.

And that’s one of the major reasons why it’s so important to set our goals and our intentions as high as possible. We get distracted and take on a life of our own. We want to be a great writer, musician, etc. but we end up being a mediocre person at that job. So we should set our intentions as high as possible, even when we know that theres a possibility that we will fail at the end.

It is true that the human brain is so hard to tame and control. We’re easily distracted. We’re easily lured by the shiny object or the shiny object that gets you more attention (or simply to do what we know we want). And we’re easily distracted by our own desires, so the best way to combat this is to have a purpose.

I think most people confuse purpose with effort. I think one of the biggest problems with self-awareness is that we often fail to take our own needs and preferences into account. Whether it’s the desire to be the best swim team captain or the desire to be the best soccer player, our own desires often get in the way of our goals.

I think that desire is actually the most important thing, because without it, we won’t be able to accomplish the things we want to do. If we didn’t have a desire, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything at all.

There is a famous quote from David and Goliath by Napoleon Hill that sums up this problem perfectly. Goliath was in his prime, which is why he was the most powerful, but he was also in his prime. This means that he was the strongest man at the time, but he was also the most selfish. If you know anything about Goliath, you know the quote is true. This is because Goliath wanted to be the strongest.

The thing is, we all like to be in control. We do what we want to do to the best of our ability. There are lots of people who are at their absolute best when they just do their best. If we stop and think for even a second though, we are definitely not alone. The only difference between us and them is that our willpower has a little extra help from a little extra motivation.

The thing that keeps us from achieving our goals is our own willpower. When we go through our day, we can’t help but think, “I wish I was this.” We could definitely use more of it.

Let me illustrate this point by asking you to write down your biggest fears for the next two weeks. Now, the first thing you should do is write down your biggest fear. Your second thing is to think about what you would do to change your biggest fear.



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