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My name is Mathew, but you already know that. I’m a blogger, a writer, a friend, and a husband. I write about my life, my passions, and my fears. I also write about technology, and I’m always looking to learn about new and exciting ways to use it. You can find me on Facebook or Instagram.

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Mathew is the one who put a picture in this post of the famous ‘Pong game.

I have written about a lot of things in the past, but I did not know Pong was the first video game I wrote about. I only know that it came second in my top 10 list, behind Magic: The Gathering. Its success inspired me to write about other popular video games, so it is my goal to write about all things video games, just as a hobby. And, if that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, I am working on a book.

Pong is a game that I am extremely proud of, but it has been a while since I’ve been able to play it. And, I have just been dying to try it again for a while, so this is the first video game I have actually seen it.

Pong is a game of chance, a game in which the object is to hit the ball into the hole in the center of the bowl. There are two holes, so you can get an extra point if you hit one of the bowls in the center, and there are also two coins, so it is possible to play a game with multiple players.

The game is so simple and yet so addicting. It uses a simple physics engine so it is easy to teach, which is important for a game that doesn’t use any advanced technology. I have never seen a game that is so intuitive, with such a great art and game design. It feels so natural to play, so there is no chance of you going back and playing something else, no matter how bad the game looks.

I have played every game on the market so far, but this one is the one I wish I had played earlier. It looks like a puzzle game, but it is completely different. It has simple controls, the colors are cool, and it plays like a really fun game. It is a very quick game, and while the game is extremely addictive, I only feel like I am playing the game for the first half hour or so.

The good part is that it is one of the few games that actually has you playing with someone else and not alone. There is a story, which is pretty good, and an interesting soundtrack, but I can’t say I feel like I am playing the game for more than half an hour. The bad part is that it is very short, and there are no online multiplayer options.

However, it is still a fun game, and it is one of the few games where you can really get into a “no holds barred” type of game. There is an interesting story, the gameplay is very fun, and the soundtrack is amazing. However, if you are only playing for the first half hour, I would suggest you go back and play a different game.



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