mikka concert


I got excited when I saw the name I just posted because mikka is a Finnish metal band. The name means “music” in Finnish. I thought it would be fun to learn more about the band who I so very much admire and love.

Mikka is also a pretty cool band, which you can check out on Bandcamp and their website. They have been around for a few years now. They’re a bit of a different kind of metal band, a bit more metalcore. It goes without saying that they have lots of great, hard rock, metal, and death metal stuff. They’re a bit more melodic than most metal bands and a bit more aggressive than most metalcore bands.

Mikka have been a bit of a surprise band to me. I have been following them for a while now and their music has been an interesting and enjoyable read. It has also been pretty much completely un-listenable since their debut album ‘Finnel’ was released in 2003.

I really don’t really have any idea of what this band is all about. I think the main issue is that they’re not at all the same as the band that is currently pushing out the latest generation of Metalcore bands all the way down the road. The band that is currently pushing out the latest generation of Metalcore bands all the way down the road is a kind of a total waste of time.

I have to say that Mikka’s debut album Finnel has been pretty quiet in comparison to the recent releases of the band. It’s not that I hate them but they’re so new they dont have a clue about what it is that people like. The only reason why Finnel got a lot of attention was because of their popularity among the metalcore scene.

Finnel are an extremely young band. Their first album, Finnel, was released in 2006, and their first EP, Finnel EP, came out in 2007. Theyve had several splits, a few EPs released, and recently have been playing live, so theyve had a pretty great time. Since their debut album came out, I think theyve been pretty quiet in the live circuit.

Finnel were originally a deathcore band, but soon began experimenting with more melodic sounds. They play a lot of hardcore, post-hardcore, and emo music, so they have a lot of crossover appeal. Finnel are clearly influenced by bands like Converge, Mastodon, and Disturbed. Their music is very melodic, and they have a few very catchy hooks.

Finnel are a really tight family. Their vocalist, Mikka Larson, and guitarist/singer/keyboardist Anders Stenman have been married for about ten years, and both of their wives are the same age as their kids.

Stenman has been playing guitar for about three years, and his most recent band, Silver and Gold, was a band that featured Larson. The new band, mikka concert, is made up of Larson, vocalist and guitarist Lukas H. Eriksen, and keyboard player Stenman.

I’m not exactly sure what this is, but I’m pretty sure it’s music that’s really good. I’m also pretty sure I’ve heard it somewhere before. That’s because I’ve heard it on this website before, and it’s been around since I was a kid.



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