rohit sharma highest score in t20


After seeing rohit sharma’s stunning performance as a cricketer in the Indian Premier League (IPL), we were amazed. His batting was very accurate and quick, and he was always hitting the ball straight and straight into the gaps. He also had the very rare ability to take the odd wicket when he was batting.

A cricketer with this skill in the IPL should be the stuff of legend. But rohit sharma hasn’t had the chance to be a world-class cricketer. He has, however, been the highest scoring bowler in the T20 format in the IPL. This is due to the fact that he is a very good player, but not a great one.

rohit sharma has, however, been a very good player in the T20 format in the IPL. He has been the highest scoring bowler in the T20 format in the IPL, by quite a lot.

It’s not just the IPL that it’s important to have good knowledge of cricket, it’s the way you play cricket. It really has to be the way you play cricket whether you’ve watched it or not. But even though it’s been relatively easy to play cricket, there are those in the cricket community who have some real issues about it.

The problem is that the IPL is so boring that they have no time to get into the story. Even if you take all the IPL’s, they are probably in the right place with a good story. If you want to take a story into the IPL, you need to find a decent story.

If the story is enjoyable, you’ll see that the characters are really cool because they’re really good and the story is so much fun. But if you’re more interesting than the game, the story might be interesting enough to pass it on to the next person.

rohit sharma is the first IPL champion in the world. He is a good player that plays for fun. If youre not interested in a long game, you can’t expect to see him in the IPL. However, if you are interested in cricket, football, chess, and other sports, you might see rohit sharma in t20.

rohit sharma has been very active in IPL, being a part of the team. He was the first player to score a 1000+ total in T20.

In cricket, a player that scores a 1000 runs in a T20 game gets the IPL Player of the Year award.



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