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Salman Khan is a big fan of memes. He has over 5 million followers on Instagram. A day after posting a meme about a video of himself and his daughters making out in the bathroom, he shared another with his dog, the image of a man and his dog kissing.

A meme is a meme. A video is a video. A meme and a video are both memes. You can’t just share a meme and call it a video, even if you think it is. And even if you think a video is a meme, don’t share it unless you know it’s a video.

You’re not allowed to share a meme unless you know its a video. And even if it’s a meme, you should know it is a video.

Here’s what happens when you share a meme with your friends.

People will get offended, and your friends will say youre wrong, and you will feel like youre wrong, and your friends will say youre wrong. Youre a fool. Its all just a matter of perspective.

The thing is, some of these memes that are shared are not really memes. There are a lot of people who are offended by them. Thats why you should not share memes unless you know they are memes. Youre not allowed to share videos unless you know they are videos. Thats how it works.

People who share memes with their friends are usually not using them as a joke. They are sharing memes in order to make their friends laugh. If you want to make your friends laugh, you should never share memes with your friends unless they are in the same room, and even then you should only share them with people you know.

The problem is when you try to share memes with other people that already like them, and they tell you its a meme, you have only yourself to blame. For example, I was in line with my friends and my friend told me they were going to do a meme about me. I was pretty annoyed because I was not at all involved in the meme.

Why is there no one to see this? Because it’s not in the main text. Because it’s been deleted.Because it’s not in the main text.The goal of this chapter is to go back to the main text, to find out more about some of the important points.

This is what I thought in the book you were going to write, but I didn’t get to it because I got a bit distracted.



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