samarpanam movie review


This movie review is the first of the two chapters in the book.

The first chapter is our description of the plot of the movie, starting with the title: “Samarapanam: A Story of a Beautiful Friendship.” It may give you the gist of the book, but it’s a little confusing at first. The movie focuses on the friendship of two brothers living in India. The older brother, Jaya, is a high school dropout who has come back with his mom to India, where he’s trying to settle into life.

The plot and a lot of the story is about the two brothers, Jaya and Ashok, trying to find a place to live together. But Jaya’s mother, who is a strict Hindu, doesn’t allow him to stay with the others, so he has to find a place of his own.

The movie, of course, follows the brothers through their lives, focusing on their relationships with each other, their past, and how they deal with the ups and downs of life. You get the sense that the movie is very much about friendship and family. And that friendship seems to be the driving force of the movie. The older brother does his best to show us that he is the good guy and he does a great job of showing it.

The movie is not my favorite but I can appreciate it as a movie. Samarpanam doesn’t take itself too seriously and the story isn’t as over the top as the trailer shows. It’s not a movie I’d watch on a rainy day, but I can appreciate it for the family and friendship it attempts to portray.

The movie is based on a book by the same name – which is a bit of a problem, as the movie is about a family so there are a lot of references to be found. I dont remember any of the references being that bad though, but I do think that the family members have a bit of a point.

The trailer begins with a scene where a group of party-lovers come to take a trip to the beach to take in a big wave, before the island is finally destroyed. The group seems to be trying to make it up as they go, but the island isn’t in a position for them to go, so they find it empty. They go back to a pretty normal place where they have some friends who take a trip up to the beach to get a big wave.

The party-lovers are not the only ones who are trying to get up the beach. The scene then cuts to a bunch of zombies breaking into the house that the party-lovers are staying in. The party-lovers are trying to get to their friends, with Sam looking around for people to help them, but they are also being shot. That’s when the family members appear, and start to shoot them.

The zombies come in and go out, all while the family members get up and shoot them.

I find the fact that this is an independent movie and that we get to see the family members shooting these people (and not just zombie-hunting) just a little disconcerting, especially when there are so many more interesting things to see.



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