switzerland beaches


I could be in a place called Switzerland right now and I wouldn’t be able to even think of it.

The Swiss Alps are actually sort of a national nightmare. There are thousands of glaciers in the country, which means that as long as you can get to the edge of the valley, you can see the white stuff. The best way to get from Switzerland to New Jersey without getting stuck in a snowstorm or a hurricane is by taking the train, but there are some places that are closed to trains and planes. Switzerland is one of those places, and I’m sure you know the story.

The stories of the Swiss Alps are actually quite interesting. Back in the 1800s, the Swiss made a rule that no one should go down into the valleys, and if they did that would be punished. The punishment for going too far down into the valleys was death. So it was decided that to get to the bottom, you had to go up.

The way to get to the bottom is to look for some place that is a better place to work, like an out-of-place place. If you could get to that place, you’d probably find a place to work, like the one we’re talking about here.



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