taliban behead


The Taliban beheaded a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan and released a video of the execution. The video shows U.S. soldiers executing a U.S. soldier on the first floor of a hotel in Kabul.

The video shows the killing of Private First Class Bradley Manning, a U.S. soldier who was found guilty of leaking documents to WikiLeaks.

This is an extremely rare occurrence. I had no idea this happened in Afghanistan, but it’s definitely worth remembering about in the future.

It’s the very rare case in which the Taliban and its allies are willing to kill U.S. soldiers. It’s certainly not the first time they’ve done this, but they’ve been generally less violent then the Islamic State or al-Qaeda.

One thing these videos do not show is the U.S. soldiers who were killed. I can’t see any American soldiers in these videos, because they are blurred in the footage.

Like most of the other videos, it’s hard to determine who the Taliban and their allies are. We do get a good idea of what they look like. The biggest similarity is their hair. Most of the videos were shot in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s when the Taliban had short hair. The ones that were shot just before the Taliban’s violent rise are much more modern looking.

The most recent video is a close up of one of the Taliban’s fighters. He shoots himself in the head and dies.

The Taliban have gone from being a ragtag band of terrorists to being one of the most powerful nations in the world. They are considered to be at war with the US and most other nations, but the US government still refuses to acknowledge them as legitimate. The Taliban is the political wing of the Northern Alliance and is led by Mullah Omar. They have been fighting the US since the late 1990s.

A video of the Taliban being beheaded has been making the rounds for the last couple of days. You’ll know it’s real if you see it. The Taliban has become so powerful that they are now able to attack and kill American soldiers from a safe distance. If they were to try and kill the Americans, not only would they be caught, but they would also be able to take out the US military’s tanks.

While the Taliban is a powerful force, they are still a small force that can easily be defeated. The US army has been trying to fight the Taliban since the late 1990s. However, the US has struggled to do so. They would rather attack them from a distance, causing them to retreat from the fighting. This is how they are able to hold off attacks from Taliban forces. It is also how they have been able to take out the Taliban leadership.



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