what is the largest democracy in the world


I’m sure most of you are thinking, “Wait a minute, so the largest democracy in the world is the United States or China?” The answer is simple: the United States. A nation with more than 300 million people and a population that is growing every year.

So, to give you a sense of what the United States stands for, a nation that is now a republic, it’s not a giant democracy, it has a population that is growing by a million. The United States is not a republic, it is a republic.

The United States has more than 300 million people. It has a population that is growing every year. A “million” is a million people. A population that is growing every year. In fact, since 1900, the United States has added at least 2 million people to its population every year. So, yes, the United States is growing in population, that is a fact.

At one point when a huge percentage of people had already moved to another country, it was considered a republic. It’s a nation with a population that is growing every year. It was considered a republic because we were born in that country, not a republic because we moved from Canada to America. Our population grew every year. In fact, we have fewer people in the United States than our population, so it’s a republic.

Every year, the United States has grown (or will grow) in terms of its population, so it is a democratic republic. The current president is Donald Trump, who is the 45th president of the United States. Although Trump is the current president, he has been in office for over eight years, so he is still just a part of our democracy.

The fact is, the United States has been on the decline. With each passing second, the United States has become a republic. It’s like the American dream – the dream of America being the new United States of America. The United States has the second largest population of men in the world, but more women than men. While the United States is smaller in size and more prosperous, it is still not as rich as its neighbour, the United Kingdom.

The United States has always been a very large and wealthy country. It has always had a large, powerful military, but it never had a large population of people who are willing to donate their lives for its benefit. However, with the recent decline of the American economy, the American public has become dissatisfied with the system of government in control of the country.

The UK is a great place to be, but the UK has a lot of problems, particularly with the state of the UK. The public is worried that if the government is given the power to control the media, it will become more powerful and use the power of the media to prevent the country from becoming a leader in the world.

The public is worried, and that worries the government. The public wants a change, and they want it now. In a democracy, the people have a right to have their voices be heard, and it’s not good enough for the government to keep saying “we don’t have the right to say what we want,” it has to be done now.

That’s why I’m so against the “we dont have the right to say what we want” policy. We do have the right to say what we want and if the government tries to stop us, then let’s be realistic, it will be a losing battle.



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