who killed rajiv gandhi


Not to put too fine a point on it, but the world is a much more interesting place when you give it your best. And Rajiv Gandhi was the best.

The best man India ever had, in this case, is dead, murdered in his own home. This isn’t the first time in which the killing of a leader has happened in India. In 2012, a man was hanged in the state of Gujarat after a video of his mutilated body was leaked to the media. As was the case in 1989, when the leader of the JDS-led Congress party was shot in his own house and killed.

This time around, though, the killing of a leader isnt so clear-cut. In Rajeev Gandhi’s case, the video of the murder was leaked to the media. But the reasons for killing him werent. Just a few days later, Rajiv Gandhi was shot and killed by a man who claimed to be the same man who had murdered Rajeev Gandhi. This isnt the first time in which Rajeev Gandhi has been assassinated.

Rajeev Gandhi was the leader of the Congress party from 1982 until 1989. He led the party through a turbulent time, losing a series of elections and then going into hiding in a remote part of Assam. His death in 1991 was the result of a bomb planted in his compound. His daughter and son-in-law both lost their lives in the same fire.

The news that Rajeev Gandhi was assassinated is not the first time that a person within the Congress party has been assassinated. There have been many, many assassinations of political leaders. The fact that Rajeev Gandhi is the first one that has been assassinated twice in a row is not a coincidence. The Congress party was the first to have a political leader assassinated, so it is only natural that it would have been killed again.

There are many reasons why people tend to hate and hate themselves for being so powerful and so powerful. A good example is that if you are a fan of the Internet, you can easily find the news, gossip, and gossip on the Internet that are relevant to you. And I can’t get enough of it because most people have no idea what the news is about, but I can’t help but notice how many people are actually obsessed with it.

In the same way that I am so obsessed with the news that I talk about it constantly, I get so obsessed with other people that I can’t help but think, “I should kill all of them.” And I think this is because a lot of people are just really self-centered, don’t even think about others, and do nothing but think about themselves.

So, the main thing that keeps me from having a problem is that nobody is thinking about me, and if we aren’t going to talk about it, then we’re not going to talk about the whole thing.

The problem is that you’re really giving off the impression that you’re a super-self-centered freak. That’s not the case though. A lot of people are really self-centered and do nothing but think about themselves, but there isn’t anything you can do about it. There is, however, a way to get rid of it.

We have found that there’s a way to get rid of the obsession with self-control. It’s good because youre not a person who thinks that you can control your own body and soul and mind. When youre thinking about self-control, people start to get obsessed with your own body. It’s a good thing.



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