Tired of seeing the same old news, sensationalism, and clickbait articles in your Facebook feed? What about using these new and exciting platforms to contribute to a more informed society that’s actually better for business? Join our sensational journalism start-up!

  1. Reporters and journalists can be lazy when it comes to writing so Stop doing it yourself!
  2. Get your mind around data analysis. Data journalism is primarily focused on how quantitative data can be manipulated and revealed by a variety of statistical techniques.
  3. You’ll need strong language skills; this goes without saying but journalists have a desk job where they have time to hone their vocabulary, you don’t!

Guidelines for Article Submission

  1. The name of the publication must be “Write For Us”
  2. The title of your article should contain the name of the newspaper/magazine you wish to join (for example, “Write For Us: 800 words”).
  3. If you have no experience writing for a news publication, please submit a sample article titled “How I Survived My First Year in Journalism”. This will save our editors time and will ensure we have all pertinent information available in case we have any doubt about your skill set.

Instead, submit a short, 1-3 sentence story about yourself which will quickly let us know you’re an interested candidate on our list as opposed to someone who decided to send us something for a laugh.

  1. The article should be written in the third person, preferably with no pronouns, will not include any stats or numbers, and should include a strong title.
  2. Ideally the article should be between 300 and 800 words – the shorter the better – plus a nice photo is always appreciated.
  3. The headline of your article must be “What I Liked About a Career in Journalism” or something similar (the idea is to make it catchy so people will click on it).
  4. The contents of your article should be 100% original – we only accept articles written by those with a genuine interest in journalism and the desire to write for the publication, not for some free advertising or to get a job.
  5. Proofread it before you actually send it to us.
  6. Please ensure that your email address is unique and will not cause any confusion within our editorial department (for example, being @example.com@gmail.com).

We are always looking for talented writers, who can

1.write in a non-intrusive style for our target audience

2.have done some prior research into the topics we report (who the players are, basic concepts and issues, etc.)

3.who are interested in helping us build a news organization which will not only be excellent for our readers, but also to help with their careers.

So if you think that you’re up to the challenge and want to become one of our elite journalists, send us an email with your Write For Us article attached! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Send Your Pitch

!.in the body of your email, please include:

  1. a) A brief summary of your idea(s)
  2. b) The length of the article you would like to write (800 words is standard for a story, 400-700 words is standard for an editorial or op-ed piece, 200-400 words is standard for a listicle or “How To” type article)
  3. c) If you have any prior writing experience and/or portfolio you’d like us to see, please include links to these at the bottom of your email (we will look at it as soon as we can).

Contact: press@advertisinghype.com